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Aloe Therapeutics is aimed at delivering cancer cures.  We have designed a new class of locally delivered immunotherapy, akin to an in situ vaccine, called Allo-Immunotherapy (AIM).  AIM is implanted at the tumor site to trigger an influx of immune cells in the tumor microenvironment - turning "cold" , immune deficient tumors into "hot" immune rich tumors, and to turn "hot" tumors "hotter". AIM will be positioned as a partner of choice for checkpoint immunotherapy combinations to increase  increase response rates, extend durability of response, and to expand eligibility for patients with "cold" tumors and limited treatment options. INFLAME WITH AIM

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Advanced solutions

Our platform product, Allo-IMmunotherapy (AIM) is an allogeneic, “off-the-shelf”, cell-based in situ vaccine for solid tumors that does not require complex or costly cell engineering.  AIM is delivered directly to the tumor and is designed to remain at the tumor site at biopsy, tumor resection, or as a separate procedure. 


AIM serves as bait for the immune system by triggering inflammation, and trafficking of immune cells to the tumor site.  AIM reboots the immune system and increases anti-tumor activity to ripen the tumor for combination treatment with  checkpoint inhibitor immunotherapy, and all pillars of cancer therapy - surgery, chemotherapy, tumor targeted therapy, and other immunotherapies.  


  • broad application across solid tumor types, including hard- to- treat "cold"/recurrent/metastatic disease, unresectable tumors and pediatric indications

  • designed to remain at the site of the tumor/metastases

  • easy integration into current treatment regimens 

  • partner of choice: no systemic or overlapping toxicity with common therapies

  • ability to re-dose to induce a prime/boost effect

  • no wait time to treatment for patients

  • no lymphodepletion required for patients


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